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Do demountable walls actually have any boundaries? That is the question which occupies INSTAFOLD
these days. The way we see it, the highest quality standards go without saying, so they
are not the final destination. INSTAFOLD in partnership with the world’s most visionary
architects and product Maars Living Wall is helping create marvels. 

Maars Fixed Demountable Partition

Maars Living Walls - Fixed Demountable Partitions

Maars has designed the demountable wall together with the world's best architects, with a minimalist design as our starting principle. The profiles of the partition wall are so slim as to be virtually invisible. What's more, the partition has no vertical profiles. lalinea makes any room unbelievably aesthetic,  architectural, open and transparent.

Key Benefits of using Maars Living Walls:

  • Highly minimalist design

  • Flush-glazed on both sides

  • Hidden door frame

  • Invisible pivot construction

  • Available in all RAL colours and in anodized aluminum

  • Various glass types available

  • Screening possible

  • European or US hardware

Maars Living Walls Appearance and available Finishes:
All glass finishes used in interior design can be applied and the aluminium profiles can be coloured to   

match, offering total creative freedom. Options such as laminated, etched, coloured, printed and sandblasted glass finishes are all possible with Maars Living Walls. With such varied options available for the contractors, we have empowered them with a choice to create unique designs each time they use our products.

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