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About Us


Bringing a successful combination and fresh approach towards design, supply, install and maintenance of movable/folding/operable/collapsible partitions (glazed and solid walls), Instafold LLC offers a turn key solution to Companies that look towards showcasing a unique and purposeful partition options. The Company combines years of experience by effortlessly merging special innovation, aesthetics and performance.


Instafold partition experts are continuously redefining partition walls. Better still, it develops partition walls that rise above all expectations. We review developments around the world with an open mind, looking for new ideas and opportunities. This leads to substantial inspiration and developments. Instafold pushes the boundaries, continually making progress in the fields of design, soundproofing, multimedia and fireproofing. The integration of new high-tech systems and intelligent solutions in walls creates a wealth of new opportunities.


Bringing world class products like Parthos and Maars to reachable distance and in the UAE, Instafold has broadened the scope of options for Architects and Design Consultants to truly open their vision of possibilities and showcase their brilliance in products to Clients across the region. Both Parthos Movable Partitions and Maars Living Walls offer standard as well as customized solutions in offices, airports, factories, cinemas, shops, shopping malls and hotels. Also in the public sector, these highly efficient products has been active and has taken the lead with applications including hospitals, institutions, universities and schools.

By using the latest technologies, innovative concepts are being developed that create an environment which inspires, makes you perform better and feel safe. The Company's manufacturer has created a colour palette called Healing Colours for use in healthcare, which has been proven to contribute to recovery. Another concept, "The Living Walls" live with you and create exactly the environment that you need. Here we look at the use of colour, shape and materials. Whatever your needs. Instafold Engineers follow the latest trends and knows how to make them specifically applicable in this industry.

It is the architect's job to be creative and it is Instafold's task to respond to the call of architect's creativity in a flexible and yet practical manner. In a word, the Company corresponds with a positive attitude to the unlimited imagination of an architect or design consults to their imaginary calls. Instafold LLC is a dynamic company which is continually re-evaluating existing products and developing new products.

The Company has a long tradition of trust, innovation and engineering skill embedded in its core through its parent Companies and their Directors. On the way to its strategic objective of innovation leadership within the industry, Instafold links customer requirements to technological trends and develops a continuous stream of groundbreaking solutions.


With a pool of trust and industry faith following our name, with an financial stability of the Group, Instafold LLC is committed to sustainable development as one of our business maxims. The Company's aim is to ensure energy-saving and resource-conserving production, a high recycling ratio and the longevity of our quality products. With comprehensive advice, innovative products and an international service capability, we are able to make a significant contribution to energy efficiency and to drive cost savings derived from sustainable building concepts. Through our involvement in national organisations around the world, we at INSTAFOLD support the idea of the World Green Building Council.

With our high-quality products and comprehensive advice and support, we contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings in sustainable building concepts.

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