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Dutch Green Building Council Climate change, the exhaustion of natural resources, increasing energy costs and lack of space are driving the demand for ecologically and economically viable buildings. That’s why our brands mobile space solutions stand for sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. We are committed to using as many as possible local materials on the bases of 100% recyclability and non toxicity. Parthos for instance has developed a fully integrated resource conserving and energy saving manufacturing process and uses material efficiency strategies such as dimensional planning to reduce the amount of building materials needed and cut construction costs. Waste separation and categorization are integrated to our everyday activities. By deriving fuel from waste Parthos even partly generates its own energy!


We Provide a fast, No obligation free site survey and a nationwide supply and installation service on all partition walls, sliding walls, pass doors, folding partitions, acoustic moveable walls and all other products available to our industry. Our products are specifically designed to suit any requirements, whether you are looking for a low coast solution or  lavish high end specification. This evolution are designers who are specifying the extensive use of glass and sliding partition walls to create the right feel for any conference room, hotel, commercial premises, office, church, hospital and other venues alike. Each type of partition system can be used to produce luxurious designs for interior office and commercial spaces. not only driven by style, our extensive range can be to create sophisticated, modern and functional interiors.

Whether you’re creating office space, conference rooms, clinics, educational environments, restaurants, atriums, or show rooms, INSTAFOLD's custom solutions adapt to meet your design requirements. With over several years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, INSTAFOLD is confident that our line of movable floor-to-ceiling and architectural wall systems will meet your technical and design specifications. Select the best in world class office and commercial movable wall systems.


Once the door-frame is in place, it is easy to install a door. Solid doors or glass are directional and may be left or right and are reversible if specified and quoted before production.

Installation Method:

  • Confirm that the door is tagged for the office being worked on and fits the door-frame.

  • Attach the door hardware to the frame and door ensuring that the bottom hinge is resting on the floor to avoid excessive load.

  • Final leveling must allow the door lock to engage with the knockout in the door frame.


Glazed doors require additional considerations.

  • Often they are ordered only once the door frames are in place – this eliminates the varying height of the floor.

  • Any glazed door above 220 cm will require a third hinge.


All doors that open towards a perpendicular wall must have stoppers. The stopper may vary in design and function and are available as:

  • Stopper installed in the floor.

  • Stopper attached to wall or partition.


A moveable wall will perform better, and last longer, if it is routinely serviced.

Scheduled maintenance minimises potential downtime, preserves the wall’s acoustic integrity and helps you comply with health and safety regulations. It also reduces your need to maintain an AVR (Asset Value Reserve). This is the financial reserve a company should maintain in order to pay unexpected liabilities, such as a failing moveable wall, and through annual servicing you can budget with more accuracy rather than face a large, unexpected cost for replacement. 

Style can service any operable wall, even if it was not one that we originally installed

All of INSTAFOLDS service contracts include regular maintenance visits, during which our engineers will inspect, clean, lubricate and adjust all mechanisms and components in accordance with best practice.

The benefits of the service contract include:​

  • Reduced system downtime

  • Guaranteed genuine replacement parts

  • Priority response in case of breakdown

  • Calendar scheduled visits to ensure continued, smooth operation

  • Single point of contact

  • Completion reports for your records 


Small-scale replacement of worn and damaged parts may be carried out during the service (subject to availability of parts), and on completion of all service work, you will be provided with:

  • A full breakdown of any recommended repairs and costs 

  • Notification of areas of your wall’s operation that may need attention in the future

  • Notification and advice regarding any health and safety issues 


The creation of space and freedom of design are the two pillars upon which our product range is based. In other words, flexibility in the use of space, thanks to INSTAFOLD products forming an integral part of the interior design. Our brands stand for traditional craftsmanship, reliability, a high standard of quality and custom work with an eye for the smallest details. Sustainability and the ability to come up with innovative ideas continually inspire us to improve and refine our products.

The maximum results we manage to achieve time and again are founded on more than forty years of knowledge and experience. INSTAFOLD mobile space solutions give you optimum flexibility in the use of square meters, saving space as well as energy. Contributing to the environment and improving the quality of life, Our mobile space solutions are designed for green with a product life cycle of more than 25 years whereupon completely reusable!

INSTAFOLD supplies movable floor-to-ceiling and architectural wall systems that give you the ability to re-imagine how buildings, people, and design work together. With our unique systems as the starting point and dozens of options you will easily achieve your vision while ensuring system performance.

When you’re ready to create a unique work environment that suggests high-energy, productivity, responsibility, and efficiency, you’re ready to choose INSTAFOLD .

Demountable walls are full height modular office walls. Demountable walls can be easily disassembled, moved and reassembled when you reconfigure or relocate your office. The walls are aesthetically pleasing for office environments including glass and frosted glass walls.

They are economical alternatives to interior wall construction because they can be reused over and over. Demountable wall systems reuses over 90% of its components when the wall is moved after the initial installation. This will reduce construction dust and wiring compared to new construction and traditional drywall renovations, providing flexibility and limiting disruptions to your business. 

The added value of our space solutions is not only reflected in the quality of our end products, but also in the quality of our level of after sales service. The responsibility we feel towards our customers does not end after delivery of a good end product. Even after the successful conclusion of a product, you can always count on us. When for example a certain space- layout is no longer suitable and needs to be changed, we can often re-optimise by re-arranging the existing elements. This is a good idea, not only with a view to sustainability but also a consideration for your own wallet. To put it briefly, our responsibility for your optimum use of space does not end after delivery of one of our products. A durable and space-saving solution also means a durable and caring service!

Parthos has expert knowledge of the market. Our marketing and R & D departments closely monitor all developments in the building industry and related sectors. After all, the market is constantly changing. Our innovations are based on this process of development and resulting consumer demands. The solutions arising from this are carefully tested for quality and applicability.


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